Friday, 3 January 2014

Almonds Benefits In Urdu

badam-ke-faideThis dried fruit is one of the few sources of plant proteins containing arginine, an essential amino acid for children.
Despite the dry and homogeneous appearance, the almond contains a significant amount of soluble fiber (10%). It is ideal to stimulate bowel movements and to give satiety.
Almonds are also rich in proteins (19 g/100 g), similar to the amount of meat. Thus in vegetarian diets almonds and nuts in general are very important. The iron is another virtue of this delicious nut. 50 grams of almonds provide a dose similar to that of iron spinach, clear that they are 30 times less caloric.
Magnesium, phosphorus and manganese are also other minerals that gives this nut in negligible amounts.
The almonds represent health nutrition and flavor. Almonds are cholesterol-free dried fruit that will please the most demanding consumers and healthy nut.
Fat, a gift to the arteries
The benefits of almonds health of the people are many. They have a 52% fat. Of these, two thirds correspond to oleic acid. This means that eating almonds is very similar to taking olive oil from the cardiovascular point of view. So much so, that it has been shown that in communities where high doses of nuts consumed, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases is lower. Another point to consider is the content of linoleic acid (omega-6), an essential fatty acid that the body does not synthesize and that must be obtained from the diet. 
Badam Ke Faide urdu

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